Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to School

Some of you may think that I am in a pretty crummy place... BUT I will take being here over that "back to school" feeling! I always dreaded that. I'm sure Julia would like to get on to me for saying that :)

Sheesh, a lot has happened this past month. I doubt I will be able to remember everything.

First thing first, we got a notification from the Battalion that everyone should be back in Hawaii NLT 27 November. That is, if we don't have any issues with flights. Which is not likely. On the way here you remember we were stuck in Ireland for a couple days because they could not seal the door shut. As much as I would enjoy getting stuck in Ireland again, if it were to happen on the way home I'd be bummed. Now, all the units will not get back on the 27th. The batteries will be heading home in a few waves. Of course, my battery will be the last one to Hawaii since we were the last ones to leave. Being that I thought we wouldn't be back until after the first week of December, I'll take 27 November any day of the week. I asked Julia if I could have pizza for Thanksgiving since she is going to be there to see me... she said yes! I really miss the taste of pizza. Bob's Pizzeria to be exact. I crave it ALMOST as much as Piggys BBQ. I really miss that brisket.

Now, as for the deployment. The marines are still trucking along. I'm impressed with them more and more every day. The strength they have to pull through things out here is remarkable. Its tough, we are working on giving out awards and I think they all deserve something. But, we have a certain amount we can give out. All I can do is write up as many as I can, as well as I can, and hope they will work. Its my number one priority right now. I need to have most of them done in the next two weeks.

The Commanding Officer from the battery that will be replacing us just left. They usually send CO's out a couple of months before they are coming to get an idea of the job they will have when they arrive. I was able to get the name of the guy replacing me, send him an email and give the CO all kind of information I wish I would have had. Its exciting to think about replacements! I never knew whose spot I was taking or what Kajaki was really going to be like but I'm going to help these guys out as much as I can.

I feel like a fatty. I just ate Nilla Wafers (thanks mom) dipped in Nutella (don't remember who sent it). Never had to combination before, but its pretty tasty. Though, a lot is more tasty out here than it is in the states. Another example is Arizona Sweet Tea. The stuff used to be nasty, but now its my go to drink. We have a couple marines travel back to Camp Leatherneck once a month for comm gear and they grab me 6 every time they go. Mmm mmm good.

I've had weird sleeping habits lately. Can't fall asleep until around 0100, wake up at 0500 or 0600, then have to take a nap in the middle of the day. I am not exhausted because of it. I'm actually getting used to it. Just worried about what its going to be like when I get home... how long it will take to get back into a rhythm. Of course it will take a while because the traveling to Hawaii will throw me off... then traveling to Florida a couple weeks later will throw me off... then the wedding and afterward [:)] will throw me off... then traveling back to Hawaii will throw me off. Thats a lot of getting thrown off a schedule. Oh well, its all going to be so exciting that it will be worth it!

My new room is wonderful. I am loving the privacy. I worked on fixing it up the past couple weeks. Painted the walls, build some hangars, fixed my door handles and patched up some holes in the doors.

Mail from June is still trickling in. Its crazy how old and beat up some of these packages are looking. The ones who wrote Kajaki on the boxes get here fast. No later than two weeks after it is sent.

Services are going very well. I'm still not getting a lot of people to come, but the ones that do come are pretty consistent and are enjoying it. I cant believe I have this opportunity, every day it excites me. A marine preaching every week, twice a week. Just last week we got a few combat replacements in and one of them is a young marine who led a couple bible studies back in HQ Battery where he came from. He said he would love to start helping out so I think he may start teaching every other Wednesday. That will help ease my work load quite a bit. Studying what to teach takes a good chunk of my time.

Alright, I am going to try and get some sleep. Hope you are all doing well. Love you guys.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Julia's Life

Ric is apparently on strike.  He refuses to post again until I contribute to the Blog.  I'm not a Miller yet so I don't really see how this applies to me but here goes nothing.  Also, just so you are forewarned, my life is not nearly as exciting as the deployed artillery officer's.

Last night I wrapped up seven years of teaching swim lessons.  I'm still lifeguarding through September and have started back with the Champions program put on by Titus.  I have been cleared to work as a substitute teacher in Leon County and will start pursuing that next week.  These things, plus planning a wedding and sending our spoiled Marine care packages, are what I do to keep time from crawling too slowly.  And a lot of trips to the beach, of course.

I moved home in June to avoid either searching for a month by month lease or breaking a lease.  Living at home, I'm able to save more and will hopefully have my car paid off by the time Ric and I get married allowing us to start off completely debt free - a goal or ours.  Everyone at home is sooooo happy that I moved back and we party all the time!  ...that might not be completely true, but I'm enjoying this time with my family.

Your prayers and continued support for Ric are so appreciated.  He is now more than halfway through his deployment!  December can't come fast enough.